Prof Irina R. Katkova, Enlightens Audience at Fakultas Adab on the Significance of Digitizing Historical Islamic Manuscripts in Indonesia

Prof. Irina R. Katkova as a visiting lecturer at Faculty of Adab, State Islamic University Raden Intan Lampung

Bandar Lampung, FA – In a captivating intellectual discourse, Prof. Irina R. Katkova, Ph.D., a distinguished scholar renowned for her expertise in history and oriental studies, delivered a visiting lecture at Faculty of Adab, State Islamic University Raden Intan Lampung on Monday August 21st, 2023. The event, themed “Exploring Historical Intersections: Islamic Influence in Southeast Asia Through The Lens of History and Library Science,” served as a platform for scholars, researchers, students, and history enthusiasts to delve into the significance of digitizing historical Islamic manuscripts found in Indonesia.

Prof. Katkova, who was active as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg State University, embarked on an enlightening journey, unravelling the intricate tapestry of Islamic influence in Southeast Asia. Her multidisciplinary approach, combining history and library science, proved to be a captivating lens through which attendees could comprehend the rich Islamic heritage of the region.

Under the thematic umbrella of “Exploring Historical Intersections,” Prof. Katkova underscored how historical Islamic manuscripts in Indonesia hold the key to understanding the intersections between different cultures, religions, and societies across the centuries. She emphasized that these manuscripts are not just repositories of knowledge but also artifacts that illuminate the interconnectedness of civilizations.

Throughout her presentation, Prof. Katkova provided compelling examples of how library science methodologies, including digitization, can enhance our exploration of these historical intersections. She delved into the technical intricacies of digitizing delicate manuscripts, the creation of comprehensive metadata, and the establishment of user-friendly digital platforms. By employing modern techniques while respecting the authenticity of the originals, she showcased how digital preservation can safeguard these treasures for future generations.

The lecture was followed by a vibrant panel discussion, where Prof. Katkova was joined by experts from diverse fields, ranging from history and library science to digital humanities. The discussion delved into the potential for collaborative research, innovative methodologies, and the societal impact of bringing historical manuscripts into the digital realm.

Dr. Ahmad Bukhari Muslim, Dean of Fakultas Adab, expressed his gratitude for Prof. Katkova’s illuminating lecture. He highlighted how her presentation aligned perfectly with the faculty’s vision of bridging the gap between traditional scholarship and modern technology.

He also expressed his excitement about the potential impact of digitization on Indonesian Islamic studies. He stressed that Fakultas Adab is committed to collaborating with scholars, institutions, and government bodies to initiate and support digital archiving projects for the preservation of Indonesia’s unique Islamic heritage.

Prof. Katkova’s visit not only resonated with the academic community but also reinforced Fakultas Adab’s commitment to advancing the digitization of historical Islamic manuscripts in Indonesia. The intersection of history and library science, as explored through her lecture, provides an invaluable framework for comprehending the intricate historical tapestry woven by Islamic influence in Southeast Asia. (HI)